Katherine Tai: U.S.-India to Complement Each Other’s Strengths

Katherine Tai: U.S.-India to Complement Each Other’s Strengths

On the sidelines of the B20 Summit in New Delhi, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai told CNBC’s Martin Soong, that the U.S.-India relationship is aligning “across all the policy areas.”

Tai noted, “It’s certainly true that today, this relationship is experiencing new heights. The U.S. and India are closer now than ever before, but that relationship could be further strengthened.”

In June, the two countries agreed to terminate WTO disputes on certain U.S. products such as walnuts and apples. “Many of [these tariffs] have been pending for years and we’ve agreed to bury the hatchet on those,” Tai remarked.

“So we are constantly striving to outdo ourselves at every stage … not just to resolve long standing tensions in the past, but now to turn our minds to where the synergies are between our economies and how we can complement each other’s strengths to build out into the future. The upcoming conference of the World Trade Organization will be the first of the “reform ministerials,” Tai affirmed . 

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai (Official White House Photo by Stephanie Chasez)

The U.S. trade representative shared that Washington is looking for a “different kind of win-win outcome” in its relationship with India, “where we can make ourselves more secure and resilient, and how we can industrialize and develop.”

“I actually think that India may be a very unique and adaptable partner for these purposes. Certainly look forward to seeing where we can go with this,” Tai stated.


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