Jewelry Retailer in India Shares Marketing Strategies

Jewelry Retailer in India Shares Marketing Strategies

Titan Co., part of the Tata Group conglomerate, manufactures and sells watches, jewelry and eyewear products in India under different brand names. eMarketer‘s Rahul Chadha interviewed Titan’s head of e-commerce, Alokedeep Singh on the state of the retail market.

Excerpts from the interview are mentioned below:

On the state of e-commerce in India, Singh said that since the past three or four years business models had begun to change, and currently brands themselves, as also large conglomerates had started their own e-commerce businesses.

On marketing strategies for jewelry, Singh said that jewelry is a high touch-and-feel category, and in India shopping for jewelry is still an occasion for people to walk into a store to purchase it. “I don’t see that changing in a major way in the next few years. However, the evaluation of the product, the brand, will increasingly happen in the digital realm. It’s already happening a lot across mobile and desktop platforms.”

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On Titan’s approach to mobile commerce, Singh said, “We get close to 50% of our traffic from mobile today and close to 25% of transactions from mobile.” He added that since screen real estate is smaller on a mobile, their content “is a lot lighter and not as glamorous as it looks on the desktop screen.”

 “You need to adapt to how your customer is coming to you so that you are able to give them the experience they’re seeking in the most optimal form,” he concluded.

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