Indian Prime Minister Promises Skill, Scale and Speed to American CEOs

Indian Prime Minister Promises Skill, Scale and Speed to American CEOs

Speaking at the interactive India-U.S CEO Forum in the presence of U. S. President Barack Obama and top business leaders from India and the U.S., Prime Minister Modi said that projects involving large investments would be monitored by the Prime Minister`s Office.

After listening to suggestions made by some business leaders, the prime minister summarized that solutions to most of the issues mentioned would be found through:

• Proactive, pro-people good governance

• A policy driven state

• Consistency in policy

Stating that intellectual property rights are an important issue, he said that all countries of the world should jointly find a solution to it.  Modi highlighted key priorities of his government including improving “ease of doing business”, and the “Make in India” initiative. He mentioned the importance of investment in the infrastructure sector, especially in the railways. He said that in agriculture, his vision of “per drop more crop” would help tackle farmers’ problems, and cope with climate issues and water shortages.

The prime minister also stressed that it is extremely important to listen to investors, as this helps speed up decisions. He reiterated his mantra of skill, scale, and speed, and added that he keeps all the states of the country on board while taking decisions.

India-US CEO Forum
India-US CEO Forum, January 2015

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