How to Donate Items to India

How to Donate Items to India


There is a huge outpouring of support from Indo-philes, Indian Americans, and others to help India overcome the current devastating second wave.

  • If you wish to donate goods, the process recommended to me directly by the Consulate of India in San Francisco is outlined at the bottom of this post. Going outside this process may cause delays in your items reaching the point of help, and additionally they may get held up by Indian Customs authorities.
  • If you find it easier to donate money, the Indian Government does not have a specific recommendation. But in my experience the American India Foundation is a reliable USA-based charity with trustworthy directors and good programs in India. They have a Covid-19 specific page where you can find more information. (I understand the donations may be tax-deductible, but as always, you should check with them directly).

Currently, requirements are oxygen generators, concentrators and cylinders.

In addition, antiviral drugs  Remdesivir, Favipiravir and Tocilizumab are required in large quantities in India.

(Do not sent PPE, test kits, or other items – India has plenty of local supply for now).

All such donations should be routed through the Indian Red Cross Society for further distribution in India. It can be addressed to:

Indian Red Cross Society, Sansad Marg, 1, Red Cross Road, New Delhi, 110001, India

[Contact: Dr. Vanshree Singh  Tel    :+91 11 23711551

Mobile:  +91 9818228394

Control Room:  Tel    : +91 9319982105, +91 9319982104

Email: ]

On the documentation required for such air shipments for expeditious Customs clearance and other processes in India, the following should be enclosed:

Name of the consignee – Indian Red Cross Society  (and list their email and phone number for sure)

Airway Bill:

Commercial Invoice:

  1. List of items carton-wise:
  2. Donation/ Gift certificate:  ( A letter stating that the items are a donation to support India’s Covid-19 response)

Pl advise the donors to send the cargo details in advance to the Indian Red Cross Society, along with a copy to


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