Hewlett Packard and sales in India

Hewlett Packard and sales in India

HP has over 100,000 employees in India serving American and global needs. But it also has a vibrant India business.

Here are  excerpts from an interview of Neelam Dhawan, head of Hewlett Packard’s personal computer business in India.

From a business perspective, what is working for HP in India?

India is a PC and printer market first. When I look at the top line, we do very well in the PC and printer business. We have more than 50-60 per cent market share and printers, maybe more. We have complete leadership position in the printer business. In PC, we lost market share sometime ago. We are No.1 by far in servers. Networking and storage, we are catching up. So when I look at it overall, we have a dominant share of each and every market we play in. Some of it gives us top line and some of it gives us gross margins. We are not a high-margin country as of now.

Lenovo has overtaken HP in the PC market. Your views?

In India, if you look at it, we are No. 1 where the consumer market is concerned. Business desktops are a concern – that’s where we lost the market share. The desktop market we lost to Lenovo. When I look at consumer laptop and business notebooks, we are number one. The desktop market is shrinking right now.

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