Google Offers Special YouTube, Hotspots in India

Google Offers Special YouTube, Hotspots in India

In a blogpost, Google India says: The growth of the Internet has been explosive in India. Every second, three more Indians come online for the first time — that’s over 10,000 people every hour. But this latest wave of Internet users still has significant barriers to getting the most out of the Internet: low-powered phones, 2G connections, and very little data. So at our second Google for India event [on September 27], we announced several new Google products, platforms and access programs to deepen India’s participation in the Internet.

YouTube Go: this app was built ground up for India, and is designed to work offline or on very low speed internet connections. The app provides users with information on how much data a video might require. That way, they can decide if they want to watch or skip to cut down on phone bills, reports CNN Money.  The app also shares videos easily with friends and family nearby, without using any data.

YouTube Go

Increased Wi-fi Hotspots: After launching a partnership with Indian Railways and RailTel last year to install Wi-Fi access points at more than 50 stations across India, Google aims to create a program called Google Station which will give partners an easy set of tools to roll-out Wi-Fi hotspots in public places such as bus stops, malls and cafes.

Google Assistant Gets Hindi Language Support: Google’s new messaging app Allo rolled out in India first, and currently it only understands English. By the end of this year, it will respond to requests and suggest replies in Hindi.



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