General Motors India head:

General Motors India head:

The Economic Times carries a nice piece by Karl Slym currently CEO of General Motors India, who first came as a visitor the country and now lives there as an expatriate.

“Coming (to India) as a visitor and as a resident are two completely different things. I enjoy the life here and feel every bit a part of it, so much so, that I actually find myself very protective about the country.”

Click here for the full story.  “There are definitely specific differences about doing business in India, but nothing that can’t be managed with a little adjustment. Like in Japan, India likes to start a little later but also stay till later at the other end of the day. In the UK, people usually go to work earlier and leave earlier for family time, or to go out for dinner. They keep that time for themselves. Here, the same time is morning. One area I have noticed while doing business here is a lack of pre-planning for events. With the confidence of finishing stuff in the last minute, people here are naturally disinclined to plan much ahead. ”

In writing my book on Doing Business in 21st Century India, I spoke to dozens of Americans who became Indo-philes after spending a years in the country.  Slym’s experience is typical of those who can survive the first year and keep smiling!


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