Carlsberg Beer Grows 42% by Volume in India

Carlsberg Beer Grows 42% by Volume in India

Denmark’s Carlsberg beer has recorded a 42 percent volume growth in 2014 and has emerged at #3 rank in India with 11 percent market share. Michael N. Jensen, CEO of Carlsberg India since 2012, has put in a lot of effort toward the success of the Carlsberg brand in the Indian market, where the company currently has seven breweries. Once a month, Jensen randomly picks an outlet that sells their beers anywhere across 140 cities, and spends a whole day there interacting with customers, outlet owners, and staff. “Nothing can give you better insight about what the beer drinkers actually want. This leads to product innovations. This is how we understood the need for strong beer, which we don’t sell in other parts of the world,” said Jensen.

“We stay focused here [India]. India is like a continent with many countries, every state here has its own nature, uniqueness and different consumer taste. So, our brands needs to match all those for sustainable growth,” said Jensen.

India’s preference for strong beer saw the company’s Tuborg Strong to be the fastest growing among their beer brands Carlsberg Green, Carlsberg Elephant, and Tuborg Green.

“Doing business is not easy anywhere, and India is no exception. But, you can’t be in India and be global. One needs to be humble, understand the local culture, the needs of the local consumers to build a business in any country,” said Jensen, who has worked in many European countries and across Asia Pacific for Carlsberg, a rival beer maker, and beverages major Coca-Cola.

Carlsberg sees India as a long-term game. “India is a very good promise. India is the future,” said Jensen.


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