Canada, India collaborate on medical devices and biotech

Canada, India collaborate on medical devices and biotech

Under Canada-India scientific and technological cooperation agreement, both the countries will soon begin collaborative research and development in biotechnology including life sciences and medical devices as reported in PharmaBiz

The program aims to stimulate innovative R&D projects, engaging small-to-medium-sized companies and/or larger, well established firms,  that address a specific market need or challenge; demonstrate high industrial relevance and commercial potential; and aim to deliver benefit to all participants, and more broadly, to both nations. These projects help participants to become more competitive by developing global research-based alliances with the potential to foster increased or expanded international R&D collaboration.
The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) from India and International Science and Technology Partnerships Canada (ISTPCanada), an NGO selected by the government of Ontario on the Canadian side, have called for proposals from eligible scientists for the project. Researchers and managers of Indian companies, academic institutions, research hospitals or other R&D institutions that are headquartered and operate in India can be part of the project.

Each proposal must include an eligible lead from Ontario  and  from India. Although it is not mandatory, projects that engage a technology developer and a technology end-user/first customer will strongly be encouraged.  Each proposal for the project must identify an eligible lead from Ontario  and  from India who will be responsible for the development and submission of the joint application within their province or country;  be innovative and market-driven, leading to the proposed development of a new product or process leading to commercialization.


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