Bangalore best airport, Kingfisher best airline

Bangalore best airport, Kingfisher best airline

In the recently published Hindustan Times-MaRS Consumer Satisfaction Survey covering 1,330 respondents across 10 Indian cities, Kingfisher Airlines barely edged past rival Jet Airways to the top position.   In my experience, both now airlines offer excellent service despite challenging conditions in India.  I have also had occasion to fly on another highly-rated carrier, Indigo Air, which a low-cost carrier on the Southwest Airline model.  Any of those three companies far exceeds the pathetic standards of service that we put up with in the United States.

India’s historically horrible airports have been improving steadily. Bangalore stands out, although it seems to be occupy far more land than neccessary, especially the complex approach roads (reminiscent of Denver).   The Hindustan Times reported that Bangalore (or Bengaluru, the new name) is rated at 4.17 on a scale of 5 in a study conducted by Airports Council International. The airport’s punctuality stands at 85 per cent and baggage often arrives on the belt prior to the passengers getting there.  Bangalore airport currently has free wi-fi internet access (as do Delhi and Mumbai).  If you fly business class, the passenger lounges are excellent, although curiously located at the back of the large shops inside the secure areas.   Here are reports on some other major airports in India. There’s no mention of Hyderabad or Trivandrum, two airports I am told are good too, but have not had recent occasion to fly through.

Even at their best, Indian airports will not compare to Changi in Singapore or to Dubai. And getting out of the airport will be a shock to most first time visitors.  You won’t see a superfast train as in London’s Heathrow or in Shanghai.  Metro trains will eventually connect some airports (Delhi in 2010 and Bangalore/Hyderbad/Mumbai at some time in this new decade if all goes well).  But as points of transit within India, its major airports will no longer be a nuisance for foreign visitors.


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