An oasis at DEL airport, American Express Platinum Lounge

An oasis at DEL airport, American Express Platinum Lounge

With India’s economy still growing at about 8 percent, air traffic continues to be congested. I am flying from Delhi to Mumbai today and my flight is delayed by over an hour. The new domestic terminal is a lot better than the ancient low-slung building it replaced. But today I found something even better, the first American Express Platinum Lounge in India, tucked away behind the Costa Coffee and the food court (and opposite from the airline lounges).

I am just testing the Amex Platinum card and I think I just found reason to pay for it.  It’s not busy, the staff is courteous and it’s much cleaner than the airline lounges. They have basic food and snacks for free. I was hungry and I  asked if I could buy food from the food court and bring it in. They said no, not surprisingly. But then came the hook. Asha, the woman behind the counter says, “Sir tell me what you want to eat and I will get it from outside and bring it to you. It’s on the house.”

India never ceases to surprise. Even the India expert. (Four days ago, I had to pay for a drink  in Chicago at the American Airlines Admirals Club, even though I was flying business class. Internet Access was another $7.99 and 20 minutes of battling Boingo/Oingo/TMobile nonsense).  At DEL airport, Airtel provided FREE Wi-fi (I think they provide this at BOM as well).


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