Amway India Nudges Government to Draft Norms for Direct Selling

Amway India Nudges Government to Draft Norms for Direct Selling

Amway India’s business volume has been flat over the last two years owing to a dearth of regulations for the direct selling business industry in India. The company is trying to dispel the government’s misconception that its sales are based on a ‘pyramid’ model, reports the Times of India.

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Samir Behl, regional president (Europe, Africa and India), said, “This business does not have a pyramid structure. Had it been a pyramid, direct-selling businesses across the country would have collapsed by now. Dearth of legislation and fundamental structure is creating a confusion. We are confident that we could make things clear to the inter-ministerial group on direct-selling industry.

We are bullish on India which has been proved by our continuous investment and physical presence. There is a huge potential waiting to be tapped as India is a highly networked society in which recommendations play a significant role in making a buying decision. With the surge in entrepreneurship and social media presence, it should work.”

According to KPMG, the direct-selling industry in India will be worth $10 billion (64,500 crore) by 2025 from the current figure of $1.3 billion. (8,000 crore.)

Amway India CEO Anshu Budhraja said, “We hold one-fourth of India’s direct-selling business at $320 million (2000 crore) which we are targeting to grow three times in 10 years.”

India is one of the top 10 markets for the $9.5billion U.S.-based Amway Corporation.


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