India Business Speaker Testimonials

“Mr. Gunjan Bagla presented as part of a panel at the 2018 Riverside County SoCal Business Connect Summit sharing with the audience his in-depth knowledge and expertise of doing business in India. His first-hand experience with the market made his presentation unique and effective. Captivating, informative and engaging, Mr. Bagla left the audience engaged and entertained with a wealth of information on how to successfully conduct business in India. His presentation was immensely valuable and contributed to the success of our event.” Veselina Farooq, Riverside County – Foreign Trade Office

“Gunjan’s years of experience with taking companies into India and managing many of the challenges of doing business there show in every detail of his talks. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him speak many times, and he is always lucid and decodes India to non-Indian audiences with ease, depth of insight, and good humor. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in understanding the nuances and rhythms of business in India today.” Julian Leuthold, Founder & CEO, GetGlobal

“Mr. Gunjan is a captivating presenter who demonstrates and inspires. He recently spoke at an OCRA (Orange County Regulatory Affairs Discussion Group) conference on Emerging Regulatory Affairs in India. From the get-go, Mr. Gunjan connected with the audience. His presentation delivered information on new medical device regulations and he clearly communicated why Orange County med-tech companies should take keen interest in India’s growing economy. Mr. Gunjan humbly and thoroughly answered all questions, and successfully explained India’s regulatory establishment – an all-around fantastic presentation!” Jessica B. Clark – Regulatory Affairs – Axonics Modulation Technologies, Inc.

“Gunjan Bagla did a masterful job covering the current business climate in India for our audience of U.S. companies looking to export to India for the first time or looking to expand their business deeper into India. It was Gunjan’s expertise as an organizer and moderator that made the presentation more meaningful to our audience. He was engaging, kept the pace alive and directed questions to our panelist that extracted meaningful responses. His experience and skill made our program special.”–  Richard Dozier, Foreign Trade Specialist and Coordinator of The Riverside County College of Foreign Trade.

“Mr. Gunjan Bagla provided terrific insights into the realities of doing business in India at recent client events held in San Jose and Los Angeles.  His many years of intimate experience with all facets of successfully conducting business in India came shining through in his presentations.  His mix of facts and humor kept the audience interested and many attendees commented afterward about the interesting and useful facts that he shared in his presentation.” — Michael Kohlstrand, VP Western USA, Etihad Airways.

“Mr. Gunjan Bagla moderated the Make in India panel  at the 14th India Conference @ Harvard, organized by the student club at  the Harvard Business School. The panel comprised of senior leaders of companies at the forefront of manufacturing in India such as Hindalco and SRF, as well as leading Industry advocacy groups. I had the opportunity to gather feedback from a packed auditorium of students and esteemed guests, including Ms. Chanda Kochhar, MD of ICICI Bank.  The audience appreciated that Gunjan was able to raise the quality of discussion and drive the focus on the most important issues demonstrating his understanding of business in India, knack for asking the right questions, and dexterity in shaping an effective conversation. Moreover, I had the pleasure of interacting with Gunjan outside the event and observe his personal humility and gentlemanly conduct.–  Prerit Jain, Harvard Business School, MBA Class of 2017

“Gunjan is a charismatic, compelling, and confident speaker who uses both wit and wisdom to get his points across in a memorable way. He captivated Global LAVA members with a pair of highly informative and entertaining speeches on doing business with India and was a super-star. Moreover, I am confident that if you are looking to enter rather complex Indian market, Gunjan will provide an excellent guidance in a humble way.”
Victoria Silchenko, Ph.D., Chair of Global LAVA, CEO & Founding Partner, Metropole Capital Group

“Mr. Gunjan Bagla presented a brilliant webinar to our members on Marketing Consumer Goods in India. His presentation was both engaging and informative, and he provided many useful scenarios on marketing to India that our members may not have previously been aware of. Mr. Bagla is also an expert at explaining the evolving Indian culture to our audience in a way that was thoughtful, informative, and easily understood. We cannot wait to work with Amritt again!”
—Liz McChesney, Manager, Events & Membership, Northern California World Trade Center

“Gunjan Bagla, held spellbound the DHL management and associates in our Los Angeles office, along with many Fortune 100 customers. During his interactive story of the changes inherent within the business fabric of India in this decade, Gunjan focused on “How to profit in tomorrow’s most exciting market (India).” Bringing to light his 20+ years of direct experience guiding major multi-nationals towards market expansion on the Indian Continent, Gunjan held our audience captive as he engaged all in several hilarious rounds of the popular TV (and Film) game-show “Who wants to be a Millionaire.” Coupled with many specific company stories, Gunjan illustrated for all the often subtle and unique approaches one must take when engaging such multi-nationals in long-term strategic business relationships. His charts, graphs and market research drove home all the key points discussed. DHL was grateful to have him speak that day and will invite him back for future engagements.”
–Stephanie Joy Hughes, DHL Global Forwarding

“I have attended a number of presentations by Gunjan Bagla, as well as arranging for briefings and classes delivered by him at the Caltech Industrial Relation Center. First, he is great pleasure to work with – very well prepared, presentations grounded in deep experience, and a network of Indian business contacts that lend great relevance and timeliness to the material. He works hard and keeps up-to-date on developments in India to give solid credence to the information and the personalities that influence business there. But he is equally as dedicated to maintaining close ties with Indians in the US and with American business interests that infuse his presentations with really useful and current information for those seeking closer business ties in India.”
–Nick Nichols, CalTech

“We have worked with Gunjan on a number of events – both for our local ASEI chapter and at our national ASEI event. His remarks are always inspirational. His first-hand knowledge of doing business in India is unparalleled. He is able to connect to the audience and promote a thought-provoking Q&A session with our members.”
–Shreekant Agrawal, President, American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI)

“Gunjan gave a very effective, thought provoking presentation on the challenges and opportunities of doing business in India. He connected with the audience and made a lasting impression. Our members were most impressed.”
–Deb Jordan, former Executive Director, Asia Society Southern California

“Gunjan provided a very effective perspective on doing business in India as part of a panel during Chicago Booth Tata India Leadership Summit 2011. He was an inspiring speaker and provided unique insight, contributing significantly to the success of the conference.”
–Nandini Maheshwari, conference coordinator, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“Gunjan’s presentation to the California Capital Summit was a tremendous success, drawing a capacity crowd who clearly were excited by what they learned about the opportunities in US-India trade. A member of the organization’s Executive Committee declared it ‘the best meeting we have had in the past year.”
–Alexander Auerbach, California Capital Summit

“Gunjan gave a very effective, thought provoking presentation on Expanding into India’s Personal Care Market. It is clear that he is very passionate about the subject. Gunjan was very highly rated in our feedback forms and we all enjoyed and valued his presentation greatly.”
–Jennifer Jones, Specialist, Marketing & Member Services, Personal Care Products Council

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