Expatriation to India

Many western executives who are rising stars inside their company can falter when they are given an expatriate assignment. At Amritt, we have seen numerous cases where the allocation of the wrong leader for India, became an impediment to the company’s success, reputation and in extreme cases their very presence in India.

Our India Expat services include

  • Developing a profile of right characteristics for success in selecting an internal candidate for expatriation
  • Conducting evaluations, interviews, and selections to shortlist contenders for India Country Manager, India board of Directors, India R&D Head, India Sourcing Head, India Human
  • Resources head, Vice President or Director of Sales for India
  • Recommending packages of benefits, relocation services, spousal and family guidance and planning a smoother transition for the selected expatriates
  • Running cross-cultural executive training workshops for managers in the West who will interface with India, including the expatriates. We can run mirror-image workshops for managers in India who will interface with Western executives
  • If need be, we can offer services and guidance on the ground in India to ease the transition of the selected expatriate executives
  • Maintaining and monitoring the success of leaders once they are settled into expatriate role


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