Reproductive, Gastro-renal and Urological Devices in India

In India, devices for reproductive, gastro-renal and urological care include:

  • Obstetrics and gynecology devices such as endometrial ablation systems, endoscopes, maternal monitors, fetal (foetal) monitors, baby warmers and contraceptive devices
  • Urology and lithotripsy devices such as implanted urethral stents, lithotripters and drug-coated catheters
  • Renal and gastroenterology devices such as ingestible video cameras, dialysis systems and systems for extracorporeal blood treatment.

There are only 30,000 obstetricians and gynecologists in India, a country where 24 million births occur annually. Infant and mother mortality rates are still high as a result. Historically, awareness of gynecological problems has been limited to due to social taboos, but this is changing. In urban areas of India, middle class families often seek out obstetricians and demand care that is similar to that of western practices. Rural women still tend not to utilize professional help.

While some obstetricians and gynecologists are affiliated with large hospitals and medical groups, most work on their own or in small practices. It is not unusual for physicians in this practice to own and operate small facilities where they perform normal births and routine caesarians, as well as abortions and routine hysterectomies. Many cities have large specialized maternal hospitals, often called Jaccha-Baccha hospitals in north India. Most major cities also boast fertility clinics and some offer in-vitro fertilization.

There about 1,200 gastroenterologists in India and demand is increasing faster than new graduates are entering the practice. Digestive system related diseases are a major strain to the country’s health care system and is a major reason for losses in national productivity and lost man-days.  Over 100 million people are infected with Hepatitis C and over a third of the population has some form of a GI disease such as gastroduodenitis. A prominent specialty hospital to treat this epidemic is the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology based in Hyderabad.


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