Media Companies in India

Zee TelefilmsIndia has one of the most attractive media markets in the world due mainly to its large population and its emerging middle class.  The Indian economy has experienced steady growth over the past several years mostly due to foreign investment and enthusiasm about continued growth of the economy.

Media companies fall into several groups and all are rushing to keep up with the demand of a young, upwardly mobile middle class.  India has long led the way for mobile telephone usage. It has been reported that there are 5 million new subscribers each week in India.  This means that there is great opportunity for media content providers for mobile phones.  Television stations and networks in India are rapidly trying to keep up with the evolving needs of this growing middle class.  Stations are experimenting with new delivery methods and multi-platform channels.  As additional channels evolve, content will be needed to keep viewers engaged.  In the film business, Bollywood, India’s center of film activity accounts for 95% of all box office receipts.  Again, in order to keep audiences engaged, content is needed to continue the dominance at the box office.

The newspaper business in India seems to be healthier than in other parts of the world.  Many of India’s publishers have embraced modern technology and several papers have over 10 editions that circulate to all parts of the sub-continent.  Many traditional newspaper companies in India are experimenting with vertical integration and are getting involved with business ventures in other related fields like music publishing, radio and television and even in the film business.

The media business in India appears healthy and seems to have a lot of room for growth.

Some Indian firms use service contracts with overseas firms to fund their operations.

  • Balaji Telefilms
  • Bennett, Coleman & Co. (The Times of India Group)
  • Hindustan Times
  • India Today Group
  • Living Media India
  • Malayala Manorama & Co
  • MediaGuru
  • New Delhi television
  • Sony Entertainment Television
  • Star India
  • Television Eighteen India
  • The Indian Express Newspaper
  • Zee Telefilms
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