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Services offered to India’s nuclear power sector can be applied to the legacy inventory of heavy-water reactors located across the country, to the small boiling water reactors in Tarapur and to uranium mining, heavy water processing and other support infrastructure. New plants using Russian VVER technology are already under construction. French, American and possibly Canadian technology may be deployed in the near future. All these create additional revenue possibilities for overseas suppliers of nuclear services. Succeeding in India requires a deep understanding of local practices and a network of contacts in the local ecosystem.

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Nuclear Power Plant Services that may be of interest in India include:

–    Engineering Services: Probabilistic risk analysis, fire protection, radiation protection, plant equipment upgrades, planned maintenance programs.  Plant engineering, welding and machining, installation onsite for critical equipment
–    Pump & motor services: engineered upgrades and uprating, refurbishment and testing services for pumps and motors, supply of new components to replace end-of-life or obsolete equipment
–    Field services: outage support, remotely operating tooling, advanced non-destructive examination, re-start planning and testing, maintenance optimization, condition assessments, Nuclear Steam supply system
–   Asset management: Developing Master Equipment Lists, operational Flow Sheets; including nuclear safety criticality coding of equipment.

It’s not yet clear whether the following services will be sought from overseas suppliers:

–    Regulatory compliance through plant analyses and management programs. and equipment qualification for nuclear system
–    Decommissioning and Dismantling services (D&D): Environmental and radiological monitoring, fuel storage solution development and implementation, occupational radiation exposure management, commissioning specifications and test protocols
–    Waste management: Packaging and disposal of radioactive, mixed, hazardous waste. Ensuring safety and compliance in the characterization, handling, processing, treating, packaging, transporting, and disposal of wastes. At present, nuclear waste is stored on-site at each power plant.
–    Licensing Support: Nuclear facility siting, emergency planning, environmental assessment, operation, and design

The list above is not meant to be comprehensive or complete. If your company has other nuclear services to offer to India, please contact us with some details of your offerings and your experience with India, if any.

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