India has a strong petroleum refinery sector. Even though it imports over 75% of its crude requirements, it has surplus refining capacity and exports about 10% of its refinery output. Oil refineries in India are operated by government-owned (or partially owned) ‘public-sector undertakings’ or PSUs such as Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum though the largest refinery in India by installed capacity is owned by a non-government business Reliance Petroleum Ltd. India’s exports of refinery products exceeded $25 billion in 2009

The principle categories of products exported by India include motor spirit (MS, Mogas in the US) and Naptha/NGL in the light distillates category, high speed diesel/light diesel oil (HSD/LDO) and ATF  in the middle distillates category and furnace oil/low sulfur heavy stock (FO/LSHS)  in the heavy end category.

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