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For the eighth consecutive year, Indian students constitute the largest group of international students studying in the United States, with a total Indian student population of 103,260, a 9.2% increase over the last year, which followed a 12% increase in the previous year.

The majority of Indian students study at the graduate level.  In 2008/09, the profile of Indian Student Enrollment in the U.S. was as follows:

 Student LevelPercentage
 Undergraduate 15.1%
 Graduate 68.8%
 Other 1.7%
 Optional Practical Training 14.4%

Historical trends: India has been the leading place of student origin since 2001/02 when it surpassed China. 2000/01 marked a new surge in enrollments from India, with an increase of 30%, followed by two more years of double-digit growth (22% in 2002/03 and 12% in 2003/04).In 2007/08 and 2008/09, students from India made up slightly more than 15% of the total foreign student population in the United States.

United States is Destination of Choice

Indian students and their parents strongly believe that higher education in the United States prepares graduates for tomorrow’s careers. More than half of all Indian students studying overseas choose U.S. universities. The attraction of a U.S. education can be attributed to:

•    Variety and flexibility of the U.S. education system
•    Grounding in practical and career-focused training
•    Post graduation career opportunities in the United States

Historically, India was primarily a “graduate market” for U.S. institutions interested in attracting students. Though there was some interest in U.S. undergraduate studies and transfer admissions, limited scholarships and the increasing cost of education are major deterrents. However, with the mushrooming of international schools in the country and the return of many U.S. citizen children born to Indian American parents to India, we predict an increase in interest in undergraduate study in the years to come.

The number of Indian students enrolling at the bachelor’s level, over 12,500, continues to be substantial.  These students seek a foundation in both critical thinking and practical application of learning that is characteristic of American undergraduate education.  India has a severe shortage of higher education institutions for its booming population where more than 30% of its 1.1 billion people are less than 14 years old. This will continue to create a large demand for higher education. The United States, with over 4,000 accredited institutions of higher learning, has the capacity to offer access to high quality education to students in a broad range of fields. Employers in India have stressed the importance of a workforce equipped with adequate technical, teamwork and communications skills.


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Our Services

Amritt’s go-to-market service for India helps with developing and executing roadmaps to expand your presence:

•    Feasibility Studies & Financial Analysis
•    Facilitating establishment of educational services and training agencies
•    Compliance to Education Acts & Subordinate legislation
•    Negotiation with Indian counterparts
•    Attracting and retaining top educational and business development talent
•    Avoiding cultural gaffes

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