Construction sounds boom loudly nowadays as the Indian skyline towers with competing skyscrapers and IT office parks sprawling in outer suburban townships. More high-tech, high-glitz international airports replete with all the commercial building associated with major transportation hubs have fulfilled many Indian intended building goals but the design is often American inspired.

Design Demand Outpaces Local Delivery

The boom in India real estate development and redevelopment is outpacing the country’s ability to produce enough native talent to keep up with the demand. Thus, when a country with a population of 1.2 billion produces only 3,000-4,500 architects annually from its 180 schools – according to the India Council of Architecture, with an estimate of 40,000 registered professionals, the demand means an international search for available talent.

Besides the enormous need for commercial building architecture, building expansion, and interior design created by India’s real estate boom, the sustainable-designed buildings are also in public consideration due to rising energy prices and changing government policies and tariff structure. Many new buildings in India are LEED certified.

Still Made in India, But Designed Globally

From the redevelopment of Mumbai slums to the high-tech designs for a modern art museum in Kolkata, architectural design in the Indian sub-continent has taken on a decided global appearance making a huge impact upon the ever-changing urban landscape. Although this does translate into opportunities for construction to remain “Made in India”, the design has been firmly grabbed by a bevy of foreign architects—including U.S.-based firms—seeking to capitalize on the country’s continuing real estate boom.

Is This Need Created?

This question can be rightly posed if India is, indeed, in need of so much foreign architect design activity. Or, is it simply a matter about acquiring “star” power and the bragging rights associated with international quality? We at Amritt believe that Indian real estate developers are seeking a modernized, updated function and look to their properties, just as any clothing consumer would seek either Prada or Gucci as design choices.

Therefore, world class implementation demands worldwide searches. Savvy, profit-seeking Western architects are focusing effort on India.

Our Services

Amritt’s go-to-market service for India helps with developing and executing roadmaps to expand your presence:

•    Feasibility Studies & Financial Analysis
•    Construction code compliance
•    Negotiation with Indian counterparts
•    Attracting and retaining top architect and business development talent
•    Avoiding cultural gaffes




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