Illumina Expands Genomics Capabilities in India

San Diego, CA-based Illumina Inc., a leader in DNA sequencing, announced the opening of its permanent facility, Illumina Solutions Center in Bangalore, India. The Center features a fully equipped laboratory housing the latest Next-Generation Sequencing and array technologies, and it is fully resourced with field applications and service engineers to...

India’s Biotech Industry Is Rising

In an opinion piece from the Economic Times, Jogin Desai, founder and CEO of Eyestem, says India's biotechnology sector is currently riding a crest of entrepreneurial success and innovation. In the span of eight years, India’s bioeconomy vaulted from $10 billion to $80 billion, and the number of biotech startups rose...

India’s Bharat Serums Expands Manufacturing Facilities

Mumbai-headquartered Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited (BSV) hosted the groundbreaking ceremony of its new manufacturing plant at Genome Valley in Hyderabad, Telengana. The company is owned by Advent, an American private equity fund. Spread across 10 acres, the  $22 million manufacturing facility will increase the company's capacity to produce injectables...

Learn About the Anglo-Indians of India

The over 350,000 of Anglo-Indians—AI, as they are commonly known, are a group of mixed descent people that straddle two worlds — a small minority that has nurtured a deep sense of community for hundreds of years in Indian society. The 1950 India constitution defined an AI as "a person...

Micron Technology hires Tata Projects to Build Chip Packaging Plant

Mumbai-headquartered Tata Projects was awarded the contract to build Boise Idaho-based Micron Technology's $2.75 billion semiconductor plant in India's western state of Gujarat. An initial investment of $875 million will go into the establishment of the plant in two phases. The remaining investment will be supported by both the state...

India to Be Maintenance Hub For U.S. Navy Assets in the Indo-Pacific

India will serve as a  maintenance hub for U.S. Navy ships in the Indo-Pacific, according to a joint U.S.-India statement issued on the sidelines of G20 in New Delhi. President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the signing of a Master Ship Repair Agreement between the U.S. Navy...

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